Education Can No Longer Be Done To People

“Education can no longer be done to people. It has to be done with them. A kid is now capable of sitting through almost any class and not getting it – because if they don’t want to get it, they’re not going to get it. But if you’re into baseball cards or into Magic: The Gathering or into Game of Thrones, because into it – because you’re enrolled in this journey – it’s done with you and you eagerly suck it all up.”

-Seth Godin

Education can no longer be done to people. Some might decry this, but I welcome this philosophical change. In the past there was a lot of “because I said so” education – teaching by force of will (and maybe some corporal punishment, back in the day.

Now, educators have to answer the following questions if they want their students to come along:

Why is this skill valuable? and How does this material connect to the wider world.

These are clarifying questions, and armed with answers, teachers will find their teaching clarified, and enriched.

You’re on a learning journey with your students. Explain why this learning is of value, encourage their curiosity, and watch out as they barrel forward to learn what you’re offering.