Drops in the Bucket

“Soon I’m going to have the perfect place to work.”
“I can’t wait till I retire and have six hours a day to write.”
“It takes me a while to get in the right mindset to be creative.”

I have had recently had several conversations like this with fellow creative souls. They are patiently – or impatiently – for the perfect opportunity to let their creativity blossom.

They are wrong.

The best time to be creative is right now, for as long as you have available. If it’s just 20 minutes, use them. Stop judging your art and get it on paper. You can always revise and improve later. Your creative bucket may look empty now, but every drop you put in counts.

Last year I put drops in my creative bucket every single day. I averaged barely 200 words per day, but at the end of the year had written about 80,000 words. That’s roughly a 250-300 page book.

Don’t wait for the Right Time to be creative: it will never happen. Start now and make it a habit.

Keeping putting drops in the bucket, and you’ll eventually have a full bucket.