Dorico Release Next Week

I’ve been stagnating with Finale 2008 for a long time. I waited to upgrade until around 2011, and then I was seriously considering jumping ship (after 20+ years) to Sibelius. But at just that moment, the programming team was let go from Sibelius, and began a brand-new notation project with Steinberg.

Enter Dorico, which, after more than four years of development, comes out next week.

I’m of course apprehensive about learning an entirely new workflow, however I am eternally frustrated by the limitations of Finale, and the workarounds I’ve had to learn over the years. I’m hopeful that Dorico will solve at least some of these problems.

Here’s a brief intro into Dorico from the head of the team. You can read his fascinating development blogs here.

Do you use professional notation software? If so, what is your thinking about Dorico? Will you be jumping ship?