Cooking & Dishes

If you aren’t willing to the dishes, you aren’t really committed to cooking.

This has been my mantra whenever I’ve entered the kitchen for the last few years. A busy family’s rate of dirty-dish-generation sometimes reminds me of a highway during an ice storm: one small error can lead to major catastrophe.

So, since I love to cook, I have to stay on the dishes.

It’s the same for anything you love to do: whether you love singing, writing music, dance, running, calculus, architecture, orthopedic surgery, being president or any activity, there are dishes involved. There are long practices, stretching, rest days, public criticism, long boring proofs, and other parts of the job that are less than fun.

If you aren’t willing to do the not-fun parts, you aren’t really committed to the job.

Best to know that up front, and then either (1) commit to shouldering them or (2) walking away.