Deprofessionalize Your Christmas Listening

Deprofessionalize your Christmas listening.

I know too many music-lovers who outsource their Christmas music experience to the professionals, and end up with Christmas listening filled with Hippopotami, Wham!, and, overwhelmingly often, Mariah Carey.

Don’t get me wrong – if this is your taste, I won’t hold it against you. But the world of Christmas music is broad and filled with beautiful renditions of classic songs that you can listen to over and over without tiring of them. If you know that, and still let the radio pick your Christmas music, you are missing out.

And probably getting tired of Christmas music too early.

I started playing from my Christmas playlist around Nov. 10 and am still enthused about Christmas music, because it’s music I love.

Do yourself a favor, and don’t leave your Christmas listening to the professionals. Go buy some favorites, or at the very least, build a Spotify playlist that will last.