Creative Pick-Me-Ups

On this long weekend, dive into this great series of creative conversations with photographer Chase Jarvis of CreativeLive. He’s curated a series of 30 60-90 minute talks with experts in creativity, entrepreneurship, etc. Here are three I highly recommend.

Austin Kleon – the author of some of my favorite books to recommend on the contemporary creative process. He and Chase talk deeply about the “how” of creativity.

Seth Godin – one of my gurus for big dreams, out-of-the-box thinking, and building a sustainable freelance life. Their conversation ends with a powerful discussion about the state of education and the need for sweeping change.

Kelly Starrett – I had never heard of Kelly before this talk. I was inspired by his approach to comprehensive physical health through movement (especially avoiding the sedentary life) and how vital that is to a successful creative life.

Other conversations include the fabulous Tina Roth Eisenberg (Swiss Miss), Brené Brown, and many more. View the full list here.