Creative Confidence

Last week I threw out hours of work on an arrangement. About half way through, I stepped back, took stock, and didn’t love what I had written or, more importantly, where I saw it going. So I highlighted the music, hit “clear” and started over.
And I owe it all to this blog.
OK, that isn’t totally true. Many times I’ve walked into my office and deleted 16 or 32 bars I had written the day before.
But in every other instance I remember, it was a fraught experience. I would hover over the delete key for a pregnant moment, daring myself to do it and doubting the wisdom at the same time. There were times when I would save a copy of the file intact, “just in case.”
This time, no hesitation. Look at it, shake my head, gone.
Writing this blog, learning to trust myself to be creative and productive every single day, has already deeply affected the trust I put in myself creatively.
Just another benefit to this blogging project. Thank you for joining me – know that I am getting more out of it as anyone.

What small thing do you do every day to amplify your confidence?


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