Creating Singular Experiences

One of the important jobs a choir director owns is in creating singular experiences. Whether in travel, like my friend Greg heading to Europe in seven days, or connection, like singing for a visiting motivational speaker, as a group at my school did this morning.

Most of all, we create singular musical experiences – which should involve connection with an audience, striving for a musical peak performance, and a journey with their fellow singers.

It’s when we create singular experiences that we rise above the day-to-day and build the lasting memories that our students will hold onto long after they become former-students.

This week is one I hope my students hold on to forever. It will include:

TODAY – Masterclass with them performing & being coached by The Real Group.

THURSDAY – opening for and attending an evening performance by The Real Group.

SATURDAY – making entirely different music at State Solo & Ensemble.

MONDAY – recording still other music for their upcoming album.

Why put ourselves through this exhausting journey? Because it’s through that exhaustion that we create the singular experiences that help fill up a life.

I hope they never forget the week they’re about to have; and I hope to create as many unforgettable weeks as I can with my students.

That’s my job.