Congratulations 2017 Rockford Aces

My TTBB chamber ensemble, The Rockford Aces, have been having a banner year.

I want to especially congratulate them on the hard work they put in to achieve one of their goals today.

Every year, many of these students set a performance at Michigan Youth Arts Festival as a goal they have for the group this year. (I’m always quick to point out that earning that performance isn’t a goal – it’s the result of a goal. The goal to aim towards is making music at the highest possible level.)

This year they achieved it with their stellar singing, which grew out of passion, camaraderie, and, most of all, hard work. They have accepted every challenge, worked together and on their own, and most importantly never flagged even on their most tiring weeks or rough rehearsals.

I am looking forward to a marvelous opportunity to share their music-making with a discriminating audience later this morning. I am always looking forward to the chance to make music with this group of young people.

It’s an honor to help guide your journey, Aces.