Conductor’s Block

There is no such thing as Conductor’s Block.

When you were just starting out, perhaps you dreaded rehearsals further into the process. Early rehearsals mean teaching notes – that’s easy…you know how to do that. As the weeks pass, though, your leadership shifts into musical decisions, fine adjustments, and all sorts of more complex challenges.

Perhaps you feared that you wouldn’t have anything to say…that you’d have Conductor’s Block. The choir would sing their piece, and you would only be able to say, “That sounds…good.”

The truth is, your ears evolve. Perhaps you didn’t have much to say those early days, but as you have spent more hours in front of a choir, you have found yourself more able to recognize what needs to be done.

Your ears have grown to match your choir’s growth, so you will never run out of things to work on. You will never have Conductor’s Block.

Don’t be afraid you’ll run out of things to say…be afraid you’ll run out of time to say them all.