Starting a Concert Series

One of the things I’m most excited about starting this year is a new concert series.

Our amazing local non-profit education supporter, the Rockford Education Foundation, gave the high school music department a grant to start a series that can be self-sustaining, providing masterclasses and concerts of first-rank musicians for years to come.

This Thursday is the first of these concerts, featuring Rich Ridenour and Brandon Ridenour in their father-son duo concert, Trumpet Invasion.

It’s been a real education taking on all the details of organizing, planning, and promoting a ticketed concert and masterclass, and I think it’s going to be a rousing success. Great music brought to our community, plus really special educational opportunities for our students.

I know I have a global readership, but I do hope that if you’re in West-Michigan, I see you at the concert on Thursday, May 5 at 8pm! It’s an excellent start to our long-term dream.