Compassion Is What’s Needed

We all make epic mistakes. Sometimes (if we’re lucky) they only affect ourselves. Sometimes they’re seen live by a billion people.

In every case, compassion is what’s needed.

Compassion for people given false hope.

Compassion for the people who have to fix the mistake.

Compassion for the people who made the mistake.

Self-compassion for the people who made the mistake. (this is the hardest.)

In the epic Oscar mishap last night, you will probably find it easy to have compassion for the cast and crew of La La Land. It’s easy to send love to host Jimmy Kimmel, who did his best to rectify the situation quickly and positively. Can you find compassion for Warren Beatty, who read from the wrong envelope? How about the accountants who handed it to him?

Could you offer yourself compassion if you had been one of those accountants?

In all situations, can you widen your compassion to include everyone, not just the those it’s easy to feel compassion for?