Collect – Connect – Share

In The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer says there are three phases for an artist’s creative process:
  • Collect When you gather new experiences or observations. Reading, listening, tasting.
  • Connect When you literally connect the dots between what you’ve collected. This is when your art gets created.
  • Share When you stop creating the art and let other people see it, hear it, read it.

Palmer things that every artist dwells most comfortably in only one of these phases. She says “I’m a sharing addict.”
Personally, I am most comfortable in the collection mode. I love gathering more information and ideas about the world, particularly with no aim of immediate transformation.
Which is why I love writing every day for this blog. It gives me a daily chance to move from collecting into connecting and sharing. This daily process boosts my confidence to take on bigger projects and move beyond the collection process.

What step in the Palmer’s creative process do you live in? What can you every day to make sure you experience every phase?

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