The Choral Month

The next month or so is the Choral Month. I mean it in two ways.

First, this is the month everyone wants to hear choirs sing. A well-placed Silent Night or Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas is exactly what people are seeking right now. Nostalgia, sentimentality, long memories: these combine to make people crave the sound of people singing together.

Second, this is the month when everyone is willing to sing along. Aside from the seventh inning stretch’s Take Me Out to the Ballgame, it’s hard to think of another time when people willingly sing along. (Even the National Anthem has become professionalized, and people stop singing.)

But in December, you’ll find many people willing to jump into multiple verses of Deck the Halls, add the “hey” to Jingle Bells.

As the choral leader in your community, it’s up to you to capitalize on both of the meanings of this Choral Month. First, let people hear your choir. Second, be the one starting those sing-alongs. Anytime you are together with a group, see if you can’t get a carol started. In the last three days, we’ve gotten a bunch of strangers singing along while getting our Christmas tree, going for a carriage ride, and around a house full of kids and non-musicians. It’s simple: start singing, make eye contact in an inviting way, and keep singing!

Of course, you don’t need to be a conductor to start a sing-along…just the boldness to start. And couldn’t we all use a little more group singing?