Choirs In December

People suddenly remember how much they love choirs in December.

So you see choirs rushing around to run outs, parties, tree lightings, and more.

Even the professionals know this – 3 of the last 8 albums from The King’s Singers are Christmas albums, and while Chanticleer hasn’t released a Christmas album since 2011, at least seven of their albums are of Christmas material. Pentatonix seems certain they need new Christmas music every year to keep their stone rolling.

Our goal, then, should be to remind our audiences that choirs make wonderful music twelve months a year – and program in a way that makes it compelling year-round. Your local Rotary should know that the community choir still exists in April.

There is a reason beyond the familiarity of Christmas music that makes people love to hear caroling. If we can do a better job of letting these people know that choirs are still around, think of the benefits! Choirs build their audience year-round, communities get to hear more music, and some of the pressure of December might be spread out throughout the year.

People love to hear choirs. Period. It’s just that they never remember till December.