Chain Reading

I wrapped up my reading year with seven books in December – more than a quarter of my 2015 reading.

Part of this was the break: a few days away can do wonders. But another big part was chain-reading. Like chain smoking, it’s using the last book to get started into the next book.

Here are a few of the important circumstances that I think make it more likely that you can start chain-reading.

  1. Time. It doesn’t need to be much, but it needs to be consistent.
  2. A book list. You can’t dither when you get to the end of your book: you need a clear next book or at most a few top choices.
  3. Speed. The whole book doesn’t need to be read fast or at once, but you need to finish at speed, so your momentum can carry you into the next book.

I love the feeling of a good chain-reading groove. I’m doing my best to keep this chain going into the new year.