CDs in 2014?

I’m in the process of mixing the third CD from the Rockford Aces. My students and their friends routinely ask me: when are you putting it on iTunes? On Spotify?

I’m not.
I am not in the music business. I don’t care about downloads or streams – I care about memories. And you can’t hold an MP3 in your hand.
I spend hours putting together a CD design that says something, so that in 20 years Aces alums can show it to their sons & daughters and say, “I did this.” I want them to be able to hand it to grandparents who have never used a smartphone or sign a copy for a fan.
I love the physicality of a CD, and I’m not going to take that away. So until the day comes that no one is able to use CDs, I’ll be making them. (And who knows, when I can’t do CDs, perhaps I’ll switch to vinyl…)
PS: I did release an Aces song on iTunes once. Read the story here and then get your copy of “The Awakening.” (iTunesAmazonCD Baby

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