Break’s Over

The signs are coming into focus:

  • Stores have prominently displayed school supplies.
  • Our school’s auditorium manager is scheduling work calls for September.
  • Next week is the MSVMA Summer Workshop – what I think of as the yearly kickoff to the school year.

It’s like a turkey thermometer for me; all at once, POP! It’s time to be back making music. I’m anxious to audition my group for next year, and just as anxious to start writing new music.

Once my last commissions wrap up in each school year, I take a much-needed creative break; every year I’m surprised at how long it takes to regain the urge to create; then suddenly it’s there, right when I need it.

I expect everyone has a back-to-school thermometer that pops on its own schedule; when does yours pop? Have you been going full-force for a few weeks already? Do you have time left before you are putting in long days back at school?

How do you know when your thermometer pops, and what’s the first thing you do when it does?