The Break Bounce

My choir came back from break sounding solidly better than they did in their performance three weeks ago.

Wait. What?

More in tune, more musical, more sensitive to the ensemble around them. After more than 15 days of not singing together?

Yep. Here’s what I think happens. (this is not close to the first time…)

A little break allows us to mentally and emotionally recharge, allowing us to give more to the rehearsal.

Having rehearsal on Monday, before the stresses of school and life kick fully back into gear, allows them the headspace to be fully present.

Rest gives a chance for concepts to settle in. All the ideas I’ve been stressing weekly in rehearsal locked into their brains during the break.

Of course I’m delighted whenever there’s growth in the ensemble, and humbled that it came about not from anything I did.

It’s a reminder of just how important mental and emotional states are to the success of an ensemble.

How can we take advantage of this in our day-to-day teaching? What can we do to prime our rehearsals for growth?