Books Back Where They Belong

For over a year, all of our work books have been in boxes. Choral texts, fake books, theory tomes and a dozen other boxes have been packed up since a flooded basement forced us to get rid of two large bookcases.

Last week we installed new shelves, and the books came back into the office. I hadn’t realized how much I missed them until they were back.


I find that having your books around you is an affirmation of your passions and your history. I’m reminded of both daily with the presence of these books.

I wouldn’t know any less if I gave away all of these books, but I couldn’t touch my knowledge in the same way.

I wouldn’t love the ideas contained any less, but when the books were in boxes, I couldn’t feel them.

I love a library, and I love the pursuit of simplicity in belongings, but keeping books with intent is an uncomplicated blessing in my life.