Before You’re Ready

Alice Parker’s book “The Anatomy of Melody” is remarkable in its conciseness. She has distilled a lifetime of knowledge into something so condensed and insight-rich that it proves difficult to take notes. (I am taking notes and will share them here soon.)

How did Alice get to such clarity? By sharing her knowledge again and again. For a half-century or more, she has taught arranging and composition.

She didn’t have the clarity when she began sharing, though. It took years of honing, shaping, crafting her insights into what appears in the book.

She started before she was ready. Even though her first students didn’t get the finished product that she published in the book, she shared with them. She never could have gotten to the clarity otherwise.

Don’t wait until you knowledge is perfect to share it with others. Start sharing, and watch your insights grow.

Start before you’re ready.