I recently got to see two digitally animated films in the movie theater – with three sons, it’s been a good movie month.

Movie One was mind-blowing: laughs, tears, and a message of great depth that has continued to resonate in the weeks since we saw it.

Movie Two had plentiful bodily-function jokes, explosions, and long sequences without much happening to engage me.

The difference was ambition. The Movie One’s team aspired to a level that transcends entertainment into art.

We have room for all levels of creation in this world; but we can all aim higher. The success of the Movie One shows without question that it’s possible. It’s without question harder. But not impossible.

And it magnifies our society to aim higher.

I have adjusted the work I do and the commissions I seek over the years to coincide with my own artistic passions. It’s meant less work, at the start, as I’ve left certain kinds of musical creation behind. But the music I make rewards me creatively, and I work with people who share my artistic goals.

Are you making the art you aspire to make? What can you change to achieve higher goals?