Sing A Melody for Alice Today

Alice Parker is a living American treasure.

Today she celebrates her 90th birthday. I’ve written before about her influence on me, both as a musician and as a person. If you aren’t familiar with her work, get familiar. Read one of her books. Stage one of her operas. At the very least, dig deep into her extensive collection of choral works.

But today, more important than any of that, sing a melody.

Sing a song you learned from your parents or grandparents. One you know, in every sense, by heart. A folk song. A lullaby. A nursery rhyme.

Make it feel like the melody is being born as you sing it – fresh, alive. Make it yours and honor the creator.

Sing it for Alice, that amazing caretaker of of melody.

Happy Birthday, Alice. And thank you.

Alice & me this summer at Singing Brook Farm.

Alice & me this summer at Singing Brook Farm.