Get Ready For the New Aces Album

I’ve been moonlighting as an album producer these last couple months, and I’m happy to share that The Rockford Aces’ fourth studio album, Get Ready!, entered production today. It will be released June 2 at the conclusion of our annual concert.

As always, I and my students have learned much from the process: tweaks for future projects, but also affirmation of much of the work we have been doing both this year, as well as year-upon-year.

The album is an accurate reflection of The Rockford Aces’ goal of outstanding singing regardless of genre: they sing jazz, pop, comedy, classical from Renaissance to contemporary, and more.

I am so proud of this recording and invite you to join us on June 2 to pick up a copy.

**This recording project was only possible because back in 2011 we successfully Kickstarted the project. Sales of each record have funded the recording of the next. I and the Aces are eternally thankful for those supporters.**