3 Months Away

I am three months away from a journey I could hardly have imagined two years ago.

With the help of MSVMA and the Carolyn Leep Scholarship, I will head out on July 4 for a week of intensive study and work with the amazing Alice Parker. She will celebrate her 90th birthday this year, so I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to have gotten this opportunity.
Alice’s writing has been a part of my life since at least high school, and has informed my own writing in small and large ways ever since. Then her arrival in Rockford in November, 2013, turned me upside down and has caused me to reconsider my entire approach to vocal music.
In preparation for my trip, I’ll be spending the next three months reading her two recent books, Anatomy of Melody and The Answering Voice. I look forward to sharing insights from those books here, and of course about the trip when the time comes. Let me know if you purchase either book: I would love to discuss them with you.

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