2016 Roundup: My Writing Year

I published a post here every day in 2016. Here’s a favorite post from each month.

January: Tradition, Ritual, or Rut?
February: Three Views of the Choir
March: What We Do
April: Music Is Hardwired
May: Having a Jobby
June: A Lesson From Peter Shaffer
July: We Are All Artists
August: Sometimes Change Happens All At Once
September: Bored In Rehearsal
October: Thirteen By Three
November: Bullseye Thinking
December: To Play Without…


Roughly 72,000 words in 366 posts. (It was a leap year after all…) Picking these twelve was hard!

Thank you for reading and encouraging me to keep writing. I’m looking forward to continuing my daily writing streak, which now stands at 819 days.