15 Years

I remember the events of 15 years ago today so distinctly – how can you not?

Mandy and I had just started grad school at the University of Miami. Classes were summarily dismissed as we crowded around TVs; when classes were officially canceled, we lived in front of TV news at home until we could breathe again.

In the end, I’m so glad we were immersed in music during that trying time. Art, passion, and hard work combined to heal us and propel us forward. Artist-teachers empowered us to keep living and creating.

I don’t believe that music can solve all our problems, but for every problem I consider, I think that music would make it more solvable.

Make music part of your remembrance today.

(What music would you add to this playlist? Add something in the comments on Facebook.) I’ll maintain a Spotify playlist here.

(David Daniels & Ian Bostridge recorded this on 9/11/01 – what an emotional performance of this amazing piece.)