I can’t think of many things I’ve done for 150 days in a row.

I haven’t practiced for 150 straight days, I haven’t run 150 straight days. Not even writing music, the activity I most crave when I miss a day or a few.
Brushing and flossing.
But today I celebrate 150 straight days of publishing my thoughts here.
The remarkable thing is that the challenges are different than I expected.
It’s a challenge to remain ahead of the deadline.
It’s a challenge to make my writing ever-clearer.
It’s a challenge to not obsess over the daily hit count.
It’s NOT a challenge to generate topics daily. The opposite – it was harder four months ago. Now that I know better what my blog is about, I find it far easier to find specific topics and perspectives every day.
It’s NOT a challenge to do the actual writing. My tone is easier to find each week.
It’s NOT a challenge to put my work out there. I am increasingly confident that I have something worth saying and people that want to hear it. I trust and appreciate the feedback from my readers, and have learned a lot about what resonates with my community. There have been precious few posts I have hesitated to post, and almost without fail, they have been the ones reaching the largest audience.
Thank you so much for reading and discovering along with me. I can’t recommend highly enough the transformative power of this project.


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